Designed specifically for 


Memberships, training options, challenges & discounts purposefully created to reward the hard workers 


Designed for the hard workers 

1. 12 Week Corporate Wellness Challenges

2. Corporate Team Discounts

3. Business Owner Simple Fitness Guide

4. Unlimited Coffee Subscription

5. 30 Minute Lunch Time Sessions

6. Corporate Memberships Specifically Created

Research shows that growing numbers of employers are putting employee wellness firmly on their corporate agenda.


For many, wellness in the workplace has moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have”.

12 Week Corporate Wellness Challenges

A healthier workplace will lead to improved productivity outcomes for employers and increased fulfillment for employees. 

Being employed in a fulfilling job can have psychological benefits, flowing on to physical benefits. Conversely, unemployment, underemployment and stressful working conditions can have adverse impacts on a person’s health. 

Employers want a healthy, motivated, talented and mentally resilient workforce that can lead long and productive lives. Workplace wellness programs are putting ‘health’ back into occupational health and safety and, in this age, WHS is expanding from simply minimising the risk of physical hazards. 

A workplace with a higher workplace wellness will also see an increase in human capital drivers including talent attraction, retention, improved productivity, reduced workforce absenteeism and ideas of broader corporate social responsibility. 

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Business owner Simple Fitness Guide

Maximise performance, profit, efficiency, mental clarity & mental strength

Do you ever feel foggy? Or not quite at the top of your game? 

Do you find you lack energy more quickly than you should or even hit an afternoon slump?

Even though you try to make time for exercise, you seem to find excuses, more work or not enough time? 

If you lack mental clarity, lack energy, have gained weight, are getting stressed too easily or notice your leadership performance dropping, it's a sign that your physical and mental wellness may need a little more focus. 

This would lead to a reduction in performance, happiness, passion and efficiency which isn't helping you scale, manage or lead your business to the highest quality.

If you are wanting tips, tricks and advice, business owner to business owner, about health and performance for the busy business man or woman, this guide is for you.


Discounts for Colleagues 

A team that trains together, performs together.

If 3 or more employees from one business join our gym together, you are each entitled to an ongoing gym membership discount of 10%.

It's been proven that if you train with friends, you're 80% more likely to stick to your training goals long term, be more consistent and will achieve greater results, when compared to training alone. 

We want to support your whole workplace and friends to train together!


Click the 'Free Trial' button to try us out and ask about our Corporate Discounts. 


unlimited Coffee subscription for $19.95/wk

Save money, enjoy life. 

How much money weekly do you spend on coffees or other similar drinks? On a tea break, lunch break or meetings? 

What if you could dramatically decrease your weekly coffee spending? 

For only $19.95/wk you can have unlimited hot or cold tea and coffee, plus a free reusable Coffee Mug. 

You don't have to be a gym member to access the Unlimited Coffee Membership. You may just work near our gym and wish to save money on your daily (or twice daily) coffees, yet aren't able to join our gym yet, so instead just sign up to the coffee lover membership! 

Click the 'Free Trial' button below to grab yourself a Free Coffee to try it out! 


Specific 30 Minute Lunch Time Sessions for Corporates

Quick, effective and stress reducing

Finding time to exercise within your busy lifestyle can sometimes be hard, so why not make the most of your lunch break. Give you brain a break and rest your eyes form the screens to join us in a 30 minutes lunch time workout designed for full time workers. 


Our 30 minute workouts are just as intense and results driven as our usual 45 minute workouts, we simply shorten the warm up and stretch to get you back to work faster. 

After your 30 minute workout, conveniently grab a coffee, smoothie or healthy lunch option from The Lounge before you head back to work. 

To try out our 30 minutes workouts (and grab a free coffee too!) click the Start a Trial button below, enter your details and we'll contact you to organise your first workout. 


Personalised Memberships for Corporates 

A perfect option for you, always. 

We have a whole membership category that is designed for full time workers. It's cheaper per week and includes coffee too!


For more details on our Corporate Membership Option, the memberships info button below.