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Is it your first time to a gym?

or getting back into exercise after a long break?

If you've never been to a gym before, this is where to start...

We have all you need to know here.


You want to improve your fitness and start going to the gym?

but maybe you're nervous or have no idea how to start?! 

It's ok to feel nervous, unsure and even have some fears pop up.

Trying anything new can be daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be! 

We have created a downloadable document all about getting started in the gym for the first time. 

It contains tips and tricks, common questions, addresses common fears and breaks down every step on how to go to the gym for the first time...

All you need to know about going to the gym for the first time.
All your questions will be answered, you'll discover the best step by step way to get started, you'll receive tips and tricks from the experts and you'll feel more confident after downloading and reading the 'First Time Gym Goer Guide'. 
Enter your details below to Download Now.
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Download the First Time Gym Goer's Guide Here...

What to do...


Download this guide


Decide on making the first step to do a free 10 day trial with us

After reading this guide, decide if you'd like to try our gym. If you do want to, you can try a Free 10 Day trial. You can test out the whole gym before committing to anything. 


Work towards your goals

After your 10 day free trial, we will show you step by step how to achieve your goals. We will show you how to workout, how to eat and how to improve your mindset. This will begin the transformation process.

Download this guide and read it to learn all about coming to the gym for the first time. 

  • What to wear

  • What to expect

  • Tips to make it easier

  • and much more...

We'll Help you ace your gym results & goals,
1. you’ve never been to the gym before,
2. never felt comfortable in a gym before, or,
3. never found a diet that worked for you long term. 
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