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Membership Suspension Form 

ALL suspensions must be requested via completing the below form. No other method of contact will verify a suspension request. Suspension minimums are TWO WEEKS only (one week suspensions are not allowed).

  • Suspensions that are 2 weeks in length require a minimum 3 business days notice period (before the next membership debit), and if a debit has already began its processing period we cannot make changes or suspend that payment.

  • Suspensions cannot be back dated.

  • A suspension of 4 weeks or longer will require a medical or travel verification, and requires a notice period of 7 days, so please ensure you request this suspension prior to your vacation.

No refunds or extensions of suspension will be granted if you do not adhere to the above suspension request timeframes. Management reserve their right to deny a suspension. You can request further suspension time if you require. 

Membership suspensions are limited to a max of 4 weeks per a Calendar Year, unless longer is approved by management.


If you require a suspension longer than 4 weeks, please fill this form in and email medial or travel verification to

I formally request the suspension of my membership at Freedom Lifestyle and Fitness.  
Please rea and tick all of the following:

Thanks for submitting!

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