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our healthy cafe


The perfect spot for casual catch ups, socialising and friends

Our space is open to the public as well as members (oh, and, members get epic discounts by the way). 

relax, refresh with the freedom to be yourself...

Life can get busy, stress happens and we can forget about self care. 

At Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness, we believe that you can't perform optimally in life or the gym without proper self care and rest. 

That's why we've opened The Lounge! 

With great coffee, a funky space, incredible customer service and yummy food, you'll want to take time for yourself self more often! 

unlimited Coffee subscription

Are you ordering a coffee a day?

Or more? 

What if you could save money with a coffee subscription?

Our Unlimited Coffee Subscription is only $19.95/wk and includes:

1. Unlimited hot or cold teas and coffees for yourself

2. One complimentary for a friend per week (shout a friend!)

3. A Free Reusable Freedom Coffee Mug

4. Never pay extra for special milks or syrups again! 

Located in the heart of the Toowoomba CBD, The Lounge is perfect for your daily (or twice daily) coffee runs, meetings or social catch ups. 

Smoothie Lover subscription

Are you struggling to make time for a healthy breakfast consistently? 

Did you know that a protein smoothie post workout increases recovery and muscle growth? 

Plus, our smoothies come in snack sizes and are perfect for morning or afternoon tea!

Our Smoothie Lover Subscription is only $25/week and includes 5 High Protein Smoothies each week.

Our smoothies cost $8.50 each, so this saves you $17.50 a week. 

Best OF Both Worlds Membership

Can't decide which subscription to go with? Cause you love both coffee and smoothies! 

We love both too!

With about Best Of Both Worlds Subscription, you get 5 Coffees/Teas & 5 Smoothies per a week for only $35/week! 

Average usual price of coffee is $5 and our smoothies are $8.50, so this equals a saving of $32/week!

See The Menu

Discover the food, drinks and smoothies that The Lounge offers.

Now Available


acai bowls & acai smoothies!