Getting Married Soon?

Is it time for a #wedshred?

Wedding Kiss

If you are engaged and you're wanting to increase your muscle tone, improve fitness and lose fat before your big day, this is the perfect option for you...

We have many options for you and/or your bridal party to get ready for your wedding day. 

For more information on our package deals, download our #WedShred Guide! 

How We Do It



We'll give you the step by step guide and group workout sessions required for you to achieve your desired goals on time. 





With our mindset coaching, you'll overcome mental barriers, lack of motivation and anything that you feel was holding you back previously on your way to achieving goals. 





We'll help you with all the support, coaching, advice, meal plans and recipes to achieve your nutritional goals. 

We will set clear goals with you when you start and line them up with the date of your wedding. So by the big date or the last dress fitting, you will be feeling and looking incredible. 

You and your bridal party will be able to connect and have fun together through this process. It'll be the best way to lead into the wedding together and will be a time that you'll never forget.