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6 Week Transformation

results & Journey's

Bree & Chris' 6 Wk Challenge Journey:


  • They were both drinking a lot 

  • Had no energy to be able to keep up with their kids 

  • Felt "flabby"


  • More connection in their relationship and family 

  • More productive at work

  • Stopped drinking 

  • Their mental health dramatically improved 

  • Gained muscle and lost fat too! 

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"I was nervous about starting, but, after the first nutrition appointment and the first workout I felt so comfortable and on track.


This was the best decision I ever made. I've never looked back! My mental health, confidence, energy, work life and family life have all improved and I am so grateful, thank you."

- Tammy, Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness

Sam's 6 Wk Challenge Journey:


  • Sam didn't like what she saw in the mirror

  • Had tried 'everything' but couldn't lose weight

  • Was sick and tired of where she was at...


  • Sam says "it was the best decision I ever made"

  • She feels so welcomed and motivated

  • Looks in the mirror and feels comfortable now! 

we have over 100
5-star facebook & google reviews:


"It's been over a month since I started here at Freedom now.

Every session has been a challenge, but tailored to my level of fitness.

All the staff are friendly and know how to explain what we are doing, with a focus on technique first."


"Freedom has changed my life absolutely for the better.


The community, support, trainers, classes and smoothies and coffee are always the highlight of my day.


This place has created my love for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle."

Rebecca, Member

"If you're intimidated to go to a gym, this it the right place for you. 

You won't feel out of place and you aren't made to feel silly if you don't know how to use the equipment. 

They take the time to make sure you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Freedom!"

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Jason & Mel's 6 Wk Challenge:


  • Family members had made comments about their weight

  • They were the biggest they'd ever been

  • Hitting the weight limits of theme parks 

  • Were feeling tired and their work was suffering...


  • Jason has lost 16kg & Mel has lost 10kg so far

  • Are motivated to attend the gym now!

  • Removing need for sleep apnea machine

  • More and more energy everyday!


"I've been to LOTS of gyms and coaches, but, this one is by far the best.
If you're after a great atmosphere and the friendliest and most welcoming trainers possible, simple, choose this one!
What makes one better than another is the people.

That's why this one is 5 stars."

- Leisa



"A really fun professional gym that helped me achieve goals when no other gym could.

They are also a very responsive and understanding team of trainers.


No regrets signing up, this is an amazing place!"


"Soooo welcoming, amazing bunch of people, great trainers, all very experienced and more than happy to help.

No such thing as a silly question.


Group workouts are great, they always give easier option to do an exercise which helps me. Highly recommend."


"I’ve been go on Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness for over 12 months now and has been the best life changing experience both physically and mentally.


I get the best support from all the coaches within the environment and it has really supported my mental health and anxiety.


The education and knowledge around fitness and nutrition has really shifted my mind to a more positive perspective!"

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