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Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness reviews


Every morning I am grateful for Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness. The friendly environment, inclusive atmosphere, fun workouts and supportive trainers are what makes Freedom Lifestyle and Fitness a stand out gym for me. 

- Tamryn, Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness Member & 12 Week Challenge Client

Denni & Nicole's reviews...

Denni lost 15kgs in 3 Months...

Nicole lost 20kgs in 18 Months...

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Kim, Member

I absolutely love Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness! The team are encouraging & motivational. There's so many options available to suit your individual needs. I've been to a few different gyms & Freedom is by far the best gym I have joined. The atmosphere is inspiring & I love their coffee & smoothie cafe too! 

Nicole, Member

Wonderful gym with the most passionate and caring team of trainers with an amazing atmosphere!

This was my first ever gym that I've signed up to and I do no regret anything. They've lifted me up; they've pushed me believed in me at every step!

Rebecca, Member

If you're intimidated to go to a gym, this it the right gym for you. 

You won't feel out of place and you aren't made to feel silly if you don't know how to use the equipment. 

They take the time to make sure you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Freedom!


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renee & Jacob's reviews...

Are you a parent?

Find out why other parents love training at Freedom & using the Creche services ...


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Have you ever found a simple and sustainable way to eat, and it still achieve massive results?
It is possible with our nutrition strategies and coaching at Freedom Lifestyle and Fitness to enjoy the food you are eating and achieve huge results. 

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our barista Coffee & protein Smoothie feedback...

We have a Protein Smoothie & Coffee Cafe at the front of our gym, in the reception area. 

We have created a very relaxing space to enjoy a coffee or smoothie anytime. Our cafe is open to the public too.


"Coming to Freedom has meant so much more to me than going to the gym. Coming to Freedom has been like my getaway.

"It’s 45 minutes where I completely forget all my stressors and can genuinely just feel confident and content.

"I’ve grown so much both physically and mentally purely from the motivation and friendly encouragement that I get from you guys every day.

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful environment which makes me feel so comfortable and confident to be myself!"

- Nithnee, Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness Member

Meet Jess & Nithnee...

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Meet Luci & Jaimee...

Want to start at Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness?


The environment and the encouragement at Freedom Lifestyle and Fitness is absolutely game changing! I love waking up in the mornings and coming down, not only to move my body but to be in the Freedom environment. The warm and welcoming smiles are the best way to start the day!


It's a very welcoming, homely feeling as soon as you walk through the front door  and I absolutely LOVE the coffees!!


After I finish my workout, I feel so much more alive and ready to start my day. 

I'm also focusing on my whole wellbeing and mindset. 

Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness is a great place for a workout and for a protein ball afterwards. 

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