Perfect for Families

Child minding, socialising, fun & community

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We care for families. 

1. Self Care

2. Mental Health

3. Convenient Child Minding

4. Simple, cost effective memberships

Being a parent can be challenging enough, let alone trying to also work towards health goals and creating time for yourself. 

Self care, however, is vital in your success and enjoyment as a parent. If you aren't filling your own tanks, how can you sow into your children?

At Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness, we want to support you with simple child minding and exercise solutions at a cost effective membership price, so you can be the best version of you, for you and your loved ones. 



The stress free way of working out and taking self care time. 

Want to workout? But have no one to watch your children?

Or are other gym's creches are too expensive to use everyday, for each child? 

Our Creche is open 9:15-10:30am Monday to Friday. 

Self care time is important and they'll love playing with the other children and with all the new toys. 

Even if you just need a coffee or smoothie, or a catch up with a friend (without a voice nagging you every few minutes), you can use our creche then as well! 

Included in a10 Day Gym Trial is a free coffee, free creche & unlimited use of the gym for 10 days! Give it a go...

Child Doing Art Activity

Memberships with Free Creche & Group Fitness Times: Perfect for Parents

Our memberships either include free creche or half price creche for members (depending on the option you select). 

We make it super easy for you to look after yourself and super fun for your children! 

Putting yourself first and fuelling your tank will allow you to be the very best parent you can be! We're passionate about children growing up to be healthy, strong and happy. So if we help take care of the mothers and fathers one hour a day, we know we're helping you succeed more in the other 23 hours of the day.

To try out our facilities, including free creche and a free coffee, grab a 10 day free trial here, click the button below and register your details.