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How to ace your gym results & goals,

EVEN IF you’ve never been to the gym before,

never felt comfortable in a gym, or,

never found a diet that worked for you long term. 


Are you looking for a gym that is:

  • Non-Intimidating & friendly

  • Holistic - mindset, exercise and nutrition

  • Affordable (we offer tiered membership options)

  • Child-Friendly

  • Offering more value & guidance than a normal gym?

WHAT WE offer

1. High Energy, Functional Group 


We offer high intensity, motivating, HIIT, strength & circuit based classes, all led by our expert instructors. 

There are 32 classes per  week, spread across the day, with weekend sessions as well. (See timetable below).

2. Gym Floor & a wide variety of equipment

We offer a large gym floor with a wide variety of squat racks, power racks, free weights, pin and plate loaded machines and cardio equipment. The functional training studio is also available for use outside of the group class times.

3. Coaching app

We have created a complete coaching app available for members. 

We have:

1. A dietician teaching you everything about food and how to eat.

2. A mindset coach teaching you about you mind, will and emotions.

3. Our personal trainers with a fitness section showcasing video tutorials on how to use the gym equipment, how to structure workouts and how to recover post workouts.

4. Dietician & Mindset coaching

If you choose the VIP or Diamond membership option, included is one monthly private 1 on 1 appointment with our Dietician or Mindset Coach. 

This will help you to succeed faster with your results, overcome eating or mental challenges.

4. Coffee Lounge & protein smoothie bar

We value your self care and community. So we have included a coffee lounge with the healthiest and yummiest protein smoothies, and other healthy snacks and ready to go meals.

We have created luxurious spaces to enjoy your coffee and time with friends in.

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With options starting from $35/week, we are Toowoomba's Most Affordable Functional Group Training Gym! 

See our membership options

Download the brochure about our membership prices, options & learn more about Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness...

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We help people achieve fitness, mindset and nutritional freedom,

regardless of gym experience or affordability, 

due to our tiered packaged membership offerings and supportive culture.

WHAT people SAY about us:


Before joining Freedom I struggled a lot to find the motivation to go to the gym. The environment and the encouragement that Nicole & the team at Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness is an absolute game changer!

I love waking up in the mornings and coming down to move my body & be in then environment of Freedom. The warm and welcoming smiles are the best way to start the day! 


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4 Month Results




28 Day Results




4 Month Results


THE Complete Facility

1. Luxe Gym & Functional Group Fitness

2. Coffee Lounge with the YUMMIEST Protein Smoothies

3. Personalised Mindset & Nutrition Coaching

4. A welcoming community & support network

5. Cheaper than other Functional Training Gyms

6. Child Minding Options

Whatever your life goal, we can help you get there. 

What people saying: