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Gym membership information...

How to ace your gym results & goals,

EVEN IF you’ve never been to the gym before,

never felt comfortable in a gym, or,

never found a diet that worked for you long term. 

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Are you looking for a gym that is:

  • Non-Intimidating & friendly

  • Holistic - mindset, exercise and nutrition

  • Affordable (we offer tiered membership options)

  • Child-Friendly

  • Offering more value & guidance than a normal gym?

WHAT WE offer

1. High Energy, Functional Group Fitness

Our gym memberships offer high intensity, motivating, HIIT, strength & circuit based classes, all led by our expert instructors. 

There are over 30 classes weekly, spread across the day, with weekend sessions as well. (See timetable below).

2. Gym Floor & a Wide Variety of Quality Equipment

We offer a large gym floor with a wide variety of squat racks, power racks, free weights, pin and plate loaded machines and cardio equipment. 

3. "Freedom Online" Coaching App

We have created a complete coaching app available for members. Including:

1. A dietitian teaching you everything about food and how to eat.

2. A mindset coach teaching you about your mind, will and emotions.

3. Our personal trainers with a fitness section showcasing video tutorials on how to use the gym equipment, how to structure workouts and how to recover post workouts.

4. Dietician & Mindset Coaching

If you choose the Results or Transform Gym Membership options, included is a monthly 1-on-1 appointment with our Dietitian or Mindset Coach. 

This will help you to succeed faster with your results, overcome eating or mental challenges.

4. Coffees & Protein Smoothies

We value your self care and community. So we have included a coffee lounge with the healthiest and yummiest protein smoothies, and other healthy snacks.

We have created a comfortable, boutique space to enjoy your coffee and time with friends in.

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See our Toowoomba Gym
membership options:

Most people get started with our 6 Week Transformation Program, which you can actually earn for FREE

Enter your details below and we will contact you about our Free 6 Week Challenge options and membership pricing:
We help people achieve fitness, mindset and nutritional freedom,
regardless of gym experience or affordability, 
due to our tiered packaged membership offerings and supportive culture.

WHAT people SAY about us:


Before joining Freedom I struggled a lot to find the motivation to go to the gym. The environment and the encouragement that Nicole & the team at Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness is an absolute game changer!

I love waking up in the mornings and coming down to move my body & be in then environment of Freedom. The warm and welcoming smiles are the best way to start the day! 


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4 Month Results



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28 Day Results

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4 Month Results

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THE Complete Gym

1. Comfortable Gym & Functional Group Fitness

2. Coffees & the YUMMIEST Protein Smoothies

3. Personalised Mindset & Nutrition Coaching

4. A welcoming, supportive community

5. Cheaper than other Functional Training Gyms

6. Child Minding Options

We're here to help you unlock your potential!

What people saying:

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