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The mindset journal by Nicole Carlile to help you to improve your self talk and confidence! 

This book has been carefully created to help you free your mind.

A collection of over 100 effective mindset activities, mindful colouring-in pages, journalling prompts, inspiring quotes and relatable stories.


Proven & Effective

All mental activities and journaling prompts have been tested and proven by Nicole and her mindset coaching clients. Included are the most effective strategies to improve your mind strength!


Improve Self Talk & Confidence

Struggling with body image, self love or self worth? The carefully curated activities and journaling prompts are designed to help you overcome these challenges.


Clarity About Future

Feeling a bit lost in life? Working trough this journal, you will learn how to set clear goals and discover your purpose. Helping you to feel confident and passionate about the life path you are on. 


This book teaches you a lot about yourself. It's one thing to know in your head, but it's another thing to actually write it down and pinpoint your values, core beliefs and goals.


What I'm really grateful for is working on my self image.


The journal also made goal setting exciting; not scary, or overwhelming! I look forward to seeing what I've achieved in 6-12 months time now! 

- Lydia, Mindset Journal Customer


From The Author...

Nicole Carlile is a Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach & Business Owner. 

I created this journal so that no matter where you are in the world, people have access to a helpful collection of effective mindset activities to use during any struggles or dark times. Supporting people to unlock their potential and overcome mental health struggles is something that I am extremely passionate about. 

When I experienced a mentally dark period in my life that I thought I couldn't make it through, mindset coaching and personal development helped me overcome challenges and helped to prevent long term depression. The activities which I selected to use throughout the journal are similar to those which I used to help me overcome my dark period. 

The "Unlock Your Mind, Free Your Potential" mindset journal will arrive in a beautifully, custom designed gift box, and we partnered with a local artist, Heidi Lou, for the design of this box and book cover, to showcase body positivity and movement. 

Nicole Carlile has been a Personal Trainer since 2012, a business owner since 2014 and later became a Mindset Coach in 2019. She's the Founder and Owner of Freedom Lifestyle and Fitness, a boutique and personalised gym designed to help people achieve their potential through fitness, mindset and nutritional transformations.


Nicole has been awarded the 2019 Downs Woman in Business of the Year Award and the 2020 Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Highly Commended Future Leader of the Year Award.

I loved the "Unlock Your Mind, Free Your Potential" Mindset Journal! 

Why? Is has a focus on prevention rather than just waiting until a cure is required regarding mental health.

Nicole's passion for people (and their mental and physical health) is so evident within her journal, and she creates many ways to bring sustainable solutions for people's overall health. It's truly amazing!

- Jodie, Mindset Journal Customer


I've loved using my new mindset journal. I've really loved the purpose discovery pages. It's so good to have help breaking down the thoughts. The goal setting, with follow up tips, was also extremely helpful! 

I love that there is so much inside the journal, so that no matter how you are feeling, you can always find something inside to give you a moment to breathe or work on yourself. 

- Tanya, Mindset Journal Customer

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