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  • 10 Days of Unlimited Group Fitness Training

  • 10 Days of Unlimited Gym Floor Training

  • A Complimentary Barista Made Coffee or Tea from our Cafe

  • A Free Goal Setting Session with an InBody Scan

  • Free Creche (& complimentary baby chino!)

  • All the support you need

  • Zero Obligation

  • Guaranteed fun & motivation!

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Why Try Us?

Looking for a comfortable, connected community to kick your goals with?

We are a holistic, motivational fitness centre, specialising in Mindset Coaching, Dietitian Coaching, Group Fitness and Personal Training for our clients.


We have a non-intimidating and child friendly environment, with affordable membership options, to help our members achieve their goals and results.


We holistically help you achieve your goals:
(AKA we aren't like the other gyms)


1. The most motivating training offered 

Guaranteed you'll feel the most motivated and supported in every group training session. We specialise in functional group training, including a wide variety of strength, HIIT, cardio and boxing. 



2. Gym Floor training available for your convenience

Most functional group training studios or gyms don't offer a gym floor as well. These other places expect you to pay a premium price, and don't even offer you a gym floor. Resulting in a lot of people paying for two gym memberships, or missing out on valuable strength training and the flexibility to train at anytime of the day. 


3. dedicated dietician & mindset coaching & support

Without the correct nutritional information and mindset coaching, you'll struggle to achieve your goals. Most other gyms only provide the fitness side and neglect the nutrition and mindset. We have paired with a Dietician and Mindset Coach so all members are supported thoroughly. We like to focus holistically on your goals & lifestyle.


4. coffee & self care

Yes, we love coffee! And we value self care so much as well! We have a coffee shop and smoothie bar in the front of our gym (which is open to the public too, not only members). 

So grab a coffee or protein smoothie before or after training and enjoy the beautiful lounge spaces we have available.


5. more affordable than other gyms our style

On average, we are $10-20 per week cheaper than our competitors. 

Our membership option begin at $25/week.

We offer the motivating group training, plus a boutique gym floor, Inbody scan, personalised nutrition and mindset coaching, a relaxing cafe and more! 

Sarah Roberts

The moment I saw Nicole, Catherine and the team were opening a new club, I was on board! These guys don't just create an encouraging atmosphere, they genuinely care about people - and helping get you where you want to go - in all areas of life. Classes with these guys are challenging and often hilarious and Ive seen my life change for the better since training with them!

Rebecca Gurski

"Everyone is so welcoming. You don't feel out of place, and you aren't made to feel silly if you don't know how to use the equipment. They take all the time to ensure you feel comfortable."




5:00am - 8pm

FRIDAY 5:00am - 6:30pm

 SATURDAY 6:45am - 11:00am

SUNDAY 3:30pm - 5:00pm

CRECHE 9-10am Mon-Fri

It's obligation free to try us out.


Experience our gym, group fitness, team, coffee, protein smoothies and mindset coaching all before you join!


What's Included in Your Trial:


unlimited group & gym TrAINING

1. Try our Group Training - over 30 sessions a week, they're different everyday and you'll never do the same workout twice.

2. Try our Gym Floor - do you own paced workout, in your own space, with a variety of equipment. 

If you're new to exercise, try doing 3 sessions a week. 

If you've been already training, try 4-6 sessions a week. 


Free Coffee or tea

Included in your free trial, is a free hot or cold drink from our cafe (excludes smoothies). Relax on the couches, invite a friend with you and take time out. Your mind space and body will thank you for it. As important as it is to strive for our goals in the gym, it's also equally important to rest and enjoy self care.


Free GoAL SETTING & InBody Scan

The third part of your trial is a personalised and private goal setting and body scan appointment. Here, one of our lead coaching will sit down with you, and discuss where you are now, where you want to go and what the steps are you have to take to achieve this. It's eye opening, informative and sets you up for success. 


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