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Do you ever feel like:

- Your current gym or personal trainer doesn't understand you?

- You're losing or only maintaining muscle tone or strength, and not sure what to do next? 

- You're not sure how to lose weight, stop weight gain, or what to eat to fix it? 

virtual Gym Tour:

our Four commitments to every person who steps into our gym:

1. You'll always feel welcomed

this is a Non-intimidating space!

You'll be greeted at the front door with the smiley face of our receptionist - any stress/anxiety about coming to the gym will be put to ease.

From your first week's trial, to your biggest milestone achievements, we are here for you and providing the pathway.

We invite you to walk inside our gym and feel the difference.

2. You'll always be motivated, energised and looking forward to your next workout.

Our clients rave about the energy and motivation they receive in sessions, from our trainers.

We help people achieve their goals & fall in love with exercise, especially the people who have never been able to motivate themselves or stick to a gym program before.

Our whole space and culture makes you excited to return to the gym, thanks to the sophistication of the styling and the welcoming people.

3. you'll find an affordable membership option, because we offer tiered options

On average, we are $10-20/week cheaper than other functional training gyms. 

More than that, we don't offer a "one size fits all" membership package.

We offer 6 tiered membership options - you'll find an option to meet your needs and goals! 

Looking for Dietitian Coaching, Personal Training, Creche, Mindset Coaching, Coffees or InBody Scans to also be included in your gym membership?

There's an option to those too!

4. We're a Child Friendly Space, with a creche to care for children while their parents enjoy training!

Our creche is open 9:15am-10:30am Monday to Friday, while the 9:30am Group Workout is on. 

This is the perfect place to leave your child while you train!

We have experienced carers, who entertain your children with a wide variety of books, toys, games, colouring in and movies. 

Try out the creche in the Free 10 Day Trial (access to the Creche is free in the trial too!)

we understand how hard it can be to find the right gym. 


So, we've created a welcoming & non-intimidating gym,

where Your results are our highest priority:

Freedom Lifestyle _ Fitness.png

We Are different because...

1. An Affordable weekly price + great service, motivation & ongoing support

We're $10-20/week cheaper than other Functional Training Gyms in Toowoomba, and we offer all of the support, great functional group training, nutrition and mindset coaching, and access to a gym floor.

We're about $10/wk more expensive than big box gyms, however, we offer so much more value, results, motivation and services in our memberships.

See more about our memberships here:

2. We show you everything! how to use the equipment & easy to follow workout programs 

plus nutrition & mindset coaching via our app and/or private 1 on 1's with our Dietician & Mindset Coach included in your membership!

Every member gets a complete tour and tutorial of our gym and equipment. We provide you with gym programs and videos on how to use all of the equipment and how to do the exercises correctly via our app. In our app is also coaching videos from our Dietician and Mindset coach covering the Nutrition and Mindset to achieve your goals.

3. our unique space doesn't feel like a normal gym; It's non-intimidating, fun and inspiring.

You'll notice something very different about our gym, it barely feels like a gym. Meaning, you'll feel more motivated, comfortable and welcome.

We have worked with an expert stylist to ensure our space is luxe, cosy and inspirational.

We want to inspire and empower every person who walks into our doors, to help them keep improving their lifestyle.

Find out more about us...

Never been to a gym before?

If you've never been to a gym before, you're in the perfect place. We specialise in helping people start at the gym for the first time. It's our friendly and welcoming environment paired with the step by step process that makes it simple! If you've never been to a gym before, click the arrow below to access your First Time Gym Goer Guide. 

personal training, dietitian coaching & Mindset coaching

Are you looking for personalised training, mindset coaching and/or nutrition advice? 

One on one coaching is the #1 way to achieve your results! 

Learn more about our trainers and your options by clicking below. 

Membership Information

Looking to find out more about our membership options? 

We have tiered package options to suit all needs, affordability and levels of experience. 

We have a Corporate, General, VIP, VIP Plus, Diamond and Diamond Plus Membership Levels. 

Click the arrow below to learn more about our membership levels. 

Are you a


We understand life as a parent can be hectic, and you also want to train and take care of yourself too. Making time for this can be the challenge! We provide parents with childminding options, so they can have peace of mind while they workout. Your child will be having a blast while you're having 'me time'. To find our more, click this arrow. 

Info on Challenges

Needing extra support, motivation, accountability and coaching? Or have a really big, important goal to achieve? Challenges are great for many reasons and if you're interested in discovering more about our challenges, please click this arrow.

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You're interested? Maybe seen us on social media? Heard a friend talk about us? So, what are you waiting for?! Give us a go! Try us risk free for 10 days. In this trial, you'll have full access and even get a free coffee! Click the arrow to start now. 

See our Timetable

Want to find out what sessions we offer, what times and how often? See our Group Fitness Timetable by clicking the arrow below. Also, from this page, you can book straight into your first session and start a free trial!

The CAFe

In our cafe, we offer hot & cold drinks, PLUS, the best protein smoothies you will find in town. Perfect for a snack, post workout, breakfast or a social catch up, our cafe is always open to the public, and members receive exclusive discounts. Click the arrow to view our menu.