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Focused, specific, results driven, caring and motivating.


personal coaching may be a great fit for you if you:

  • Feel nervous in a gym, or feel nervous about training in a group

  • Have never been to a gym before, or have no idea how to eat or fix your mindset

  • Have injuries or illnesses, and/or require special assistance/guidance with exercise

  • Want to take your goals to the next level or you have really big or specific goals

  • Enjoy the higher level of accountability and personalisation

  • Require more help with motivation, accountability & education

  • Are a busy person, and find it hard to fit exercise in

Personalised coaching options


receive coaching or training from one of our experts once off or ongoing (for members & non-Members)

Enquire to learn more about your options and the pricing structure.


Add it onto your gym membership

If you are a gym member currently you can add personal training, dietitian coaching or mindset coaching onto your membership and join the Transform or Results member level, which also includes inbody scans and other bonuses. 

our Team of personal trainers



Layla is a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor with a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness. Layla absolutely loves pushing everyone to their limits during a workout. She is a wonderful support to all clients.



Lydia is an experienced personal trainer who has competed in fitness modelling, and specialises in strength training and weight loss training. 



Bec has a special interest in training people who are returning to exercise after injury or illness and those who have pain. Bec is qualified Personal Trainer, REHAB Trainer, Movement Restoration Coach and is also a qualified myofascial therapist which gives further understanding of muscle physiology.



Jayde has over 5 years experience in the industry & loves teaching strength training & showing her clients their potential, whilst meeting the personal needs of each client. 



Petrina is a qualified Personal Trainer with Level 1 in Kettlebell Training. Petrina is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and strives to help people become stronger, leaner, and healthier versions of themselves.

Personal training reviews:

Ashley, Member

Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness, hands down, have the BEST PT's in town! You aren't just a number, as they genuinely care about your achieving your results. They tailor all workouts your needs. 

Hannah, Member

Absolutely brilliant PT's who make the world of difference in helping a person transform physically & mentally. Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness is the place to be! 

Charmaine, Member

These are the BEST personal trainers I have ever had sessions with. They have a holistic approach with mindset coaching & have great knowledge on rehabilitation exercises too.

Tanya, Member

Caring, compassionate & knowledgable! They're friendly and will push you to achieve your goals! They help change your habits & lifestyle, no matter your walk of life, this is a game changer.

Dietitian Coach & Mindset Coach

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 2.36.59 pm.png

Alicia Sires

This is Alicia Sires, our dietitian. She has a Masters of Dietetics, Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and a Level 1 ISAK accreditation in Anthropometry. She absolutely loves working out, particularly strength training because there is nothing more empowering than feeling strong and able. 

DSC02596 (1).jpg

Nicole Carlile

Nicole is the Owner of Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Nicole believes combining mindset growth with physical growth is the best way to achieve & maintain your goals. Mindset Coaching positively affects more than just the health and fitness aspects of your life. She's a qualified Personal Trainer and a Mindset Coach through the Mojo Master Institute.

Dietitian coaching reviews:

Kim, Member

The Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness dietitian, Alicia, understands my goals and provides me with all the information and knowledge I need to achieve my goals. 

She challenges me and I've learnt so much over the past year. 

Tara, Member

There's no BS or no sugar coating in my dietitian appointments. I appreciate every appointment; I feel supported, understood and she adapts my food preferences perfectly. 

Gabby, Member

The dietitian, Alicia, understands and helps to adapt food choices to my lifestyle. Protein is my new best friend and Alicia is the encouragement I need in my life!

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