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10 Exercises To Boost Your Workout Routines

Workout programs need a little bit of a shake up now and again.

These are 10 New Exercises that you may have never used before.

These Exercises all use different muscle groups and can be completed in any order and these do not need to be done altogether. These are simply exercise ideas, not an exercise program itself.

1. Bosu Ball Burpee with a Squat Jump

This is a full body cardio exercise. Use this in HIIT, Cardio or Functional Training Workouts.

2. Spider Row

This is an Upper Body, Back Exercise. Use this in Weights/Strength Training workout and Functional Workouts.

3. V Pass

This is an Abs Exercise using a Gym Ball. Use this in Strength, Ab or Functional Workouts.

4. Close Grip Bench Press

This is an Upper Body, Chest & Triceps Exercise. Use this in Weights, Strength or Functional Training.

5. Matrix Raise

This is a Shoulder Exercise. Use this in Upper Body Strength, Weights or Functional Training Workouts.

6. Single Leg Gym Ball Raise

This exercise is a Lower Body, Glute Exercise. This exercise focuses on strengthening the Glute (Booty) muscles while improving the Stabilisation Muscles & Core Muscles. Use this in Strength or Functional Workouts.

7. Single Arm Shoulder Press

This exercise is a Shoulder focused exercise. Use this exercise in strength, weights or functional workouts.

8. TRX Pistol Squat

This exercise a Lower Body, Legs focused exercise. The Pistol Squat is more challenging than a normal squat. It's important to go slow on this exercise and keep the arms as straight as possible. Use the exercise in Strength or Functional Workouts.

9. Ab Roll Outs

The exercise is an advanced and challenging Ab exercise. Use this in Strength, Ab or Functional Workouts.

10. Shin Box

This exercise is a Lower Body exercise focused on Mobility, especially mobility of the hips and strengthening of the Glute muscles.

We hope you enjoyed these exercises.

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