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8 Week elevate Small Group

Personal Training Challenge



ELEVATE YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY: Weekly 4-on-1 Small Group Personal Training Sessions, 1-on-1 Dietitian Coaching, InBody Scans & Check-Ins. 

ELEVATE YOUR VARIETY & MOTIVATION: All new ways of training to increase your motivation, training variety & consistency, with the support of like-minded people.

ELEVATE YOUR RESULTS: Fat Loss, Toning, Mindset & Strength Transformations! 

Begins Monday, June 13th. 

Meet your small group personal trainers!



With wide background knowledge in boxing, powerlifting and group training, Andrew is excited to be one of your Small Group Personal Trainers for this challenge!



With over 5 years of experience in Personal Training, Jayde is excited to help you reach your personal goals and help take your strength training and technique to the next level!

Choose Program


  • Weekly 45 Minute Small Group Personal Training Session (4 on 1)

  • Access to over 35 Group Fitness Classes each week

  • Unlimited Gym Floor Access

  • Optional 8 Wk Gym Floor Program can be written for you



  • 2 x 1-on-1 Dietitian Appointments

  • 2-4 x InBody Scans to track progress

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Guide by Dietitian 

  • Pre Challenge Nutrition Seminar (access by in-person or Zoom)

  • 100+ Healthy Recipes 

  • Example Meal Plans

  • Calories & Macro Counting Education and Tracking

  • Food & Lifestyle Diary & Accountability

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  • Support Group via Private Facebook Group

  • Goal Setting 

  • Mindset Videos via App

  • End of Challenge Celebration Dinner

  • 2 x Winners with prizes

  • Earn extra 'Freedom Rewards' & Redeem on products and services

  • Before & After Photos


personal training Success

Non MEmber

​$75 per week

General member

Your Current General Membership Payment plus $30 extra per week

PT member

Your Current Transform Membership Payment plus $20 extra per week

PRICING options

EArLY BIrD offer

Join before the 29th of May & receive 10% off

PAY IN FULL and receive 5% off

Limited to 28 Participants.

Register now to make sure you don't miss out.

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8 week elevate challenge

  • Are the workouts in each program different?
    Yes, the exercises and workouts of each of these three programs are all different. Some exercises and workouts may be similar but you won't complete the same workout twice unless you are repeating a program.
  • How do I sign up and start?
    Enter your details on the "get more info and pricing" section and select your program type, from there you will be prompted to enter payment information and a weekly card debit will be setup for the program duration. You then access all of the program content from our Freedom Online App.
  • Can I complete this in a gym as well?
    If you are looking for online coaching and wish to continue training in a gym, but would like the accountability and expert coaching from us, the "Online Personalised Coaching" would be the best option for you. In this option, we create you a full personalised gym program. Some exercises in the Transform Programs can be completed in a gym (sometimes we provide gym machines options), but if you are training from home, there are always home training options provided for every exercise. If you are near Toowoomba, you can always come into Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness to complete your mindset or dietitian coaching, personal training or start/finish coaching appointments face to face in the gym, rather than video video call.


past Challenge results

Gabby, Toowoomba

"I got to eat all normal foods and LOSE WEIGHT and I'll be able to maintain the weight loss for the rest of my life!"


Ben, Toowoomba

"I've felt the best I ever have mentally from the challenge & it's helped with my work and home life"


Lois, Toowoomba

"I learnt how to combat cravings, enjoy food, and incorporate all food groups into my diet". 


Kim, Toowoomba

"Other people have started noticing the changes! I've dropped a dress size and all my clothes are looser". 


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LEvel up your life with this 8 week challenge!

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