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Cancellation or Transfer Form 

At Freedom Lifestyle and Fitness, we seek to make the cancellation process as quick and easy as possible for all involved. You have been given this online request form to  member to support you in initiating a cancellation of your membership.  

We do not take responsibility for requests not in writing via the contained process.

  1. To initiate the cancellation process, members are required to:

    • Make contact with us via this online form ONLY!


*All initiation of cancellations must be in writing via this avenue ONLY. Facebook messenger, text or phone calls do not initiate the process as they are too hard to track and action. “I spoke to such and such” will not be accepted as a start date of the “notice period”.


2. It is the members responsibility to follow up the accounts team/management via email if they have not had a response within 7 days of filling in the accompanying form and emailing it to accounts with the subject heading “Cancellation Request” or within 7 days of sending the afore mentioned cancellation request email. 


3. Per the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Contracts, it is 30 days paid notice to cancel (the “notice period”) and depending on the terms of your contract, there may be a cancellation fee of $200; a transfer fee of $65 applied where a transfer of membership is requested to another person; or a liability to pay out the contract in full. This information is contained within the terms and conditions of your membership you received upon joining, and will be confirmed by the accounts team or management in response to your cancellation request within 7 days. 


4. After the cancellation meeting with senior staff, it is the member’s responsibility to retain the receipt from the bottom of the cancellation form as proof of the date the requested cancellation was first actioned. In the case of email, the date of the first email asking for a cancellation request will be the date taken as the beginning of the “notice period” 


5. No cancellation request will be approved and actioned without a cancellation form being filled in and returned to accounts/management.


6. Payments to finalise an account cannot be made at the front counter, all accounts payments must go through the accounts department who can be contacted via email only on

7. The process after completing this online cancellation request form is as follows:

  • Complete this online REQUEST to Cancel form (this is a request only not as formal cancellation processing)​

  • Reception will receive this request via their email, and call you to book you in with a Senior Staff Member to complete the Cancellation Form in person only. 

  • Attend your cancellation appointment with Senior Staff Member and complete Cancellation Paperwork and pay any required fees. 

8. Cancellation of a Coffee or Smoothie Subscription is a 30 day notice of cancellation. 

I formally request the cancellation of my membership at Freedom Lifestyle and Fitness.  
Please tick the following that apply:

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you within the next 7 business days.

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