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Lose weight, tone up & feel great...

In the most motivational & accountable way with 1-on-1 Personal Training!



  • 4 weeks of FREE 1on1 Personal Training Sessions with an experienced coach (either 30 minute or 45 minute sessions, 4 sessions total)

  • A tailored exercise program design to suit your age, injuries and fitness goals

  • Nutrition Coaching from a Dietitian

  • During each session we provide you motivation and accountability



  • Free 7 days of Unlimited Group Training Sessions & Gym Floor Access – includes over 30 Weekly Functional Strength, HIIT and Stretch classes at Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness


Simply complete the registration form to register!

One of our friendly staff will call you within 24 hours to book in your first session and discuss what you want to achieve.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your fitness journey – we really look forward to meeting you.


Current Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness gym members: If upgrading to a membership which includes Personal Training, current members can receive their first month of PT's for free (6 Month Minimum Commitment).

Current Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness Personal Training members: If current Personal Training members are upgrading to additional PT Sessions per week (for example going from 1 PT to 2 PT's per week, they too can receive their first month of additional PT's for free (6 Month Minimum Commitment). OR, refer a friend who begins Personal Training, you both can receive one month of PT's for free.

New Enquiries: One month free of personal training valid when joining a six month personal training membership, though, an optional Free 30 Minute PT Session can be provided before joining any Personal Training membership. All enquires will be first given a tour of the gym with a chat about goal setting and injuries, before receiving their first session. 


Before Personal Training I had no energy and lacked motivation to even walk around the block. 

Since doing Personal Training, I've smashed goals I didn't think I could, I have motivation to come to the gym multiple times a week, and I've pushed myself to my limits. 

I'm so happy doing Personal Training. 

- Aleasha, Personal Training Client



Denni's Personal Training Story...

Grab your One Month of Free Personal Training Today!


About US...

Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness is a specialist Personal Training & Group Fitness studio located in Toowoomba City. 

We focus on non-intimidating, motivational and personalised service and culture, so no matter your fitness level, gym experience or age, you will fee comfortable and accommodated here.


The ‘Results Based’ training system and premium facilities use 1.5metre social distancing, anti-viral gym wipes after each exercise and follow strict adherence to Covid guidelines, making it a safe place to train.

Our 600 square metre studio has a full strength and cardio gym floor, complete functional group fitness room, mindset & dietitian coaching offices with an InBody scanner, change room facilities and experienced Personal Trainers to ensure members receive 5 star service & great results. 


Personal Training helped Linda create work-life balance from her busy work. She's mentally happier and more energetic now after completing two Personal Training Session per week. 


Personal Training helped Jade massively improve her strength and eating habits. Jade has doubled the weights she could lift and she ACTUALLY ENJOYS coming to the gym now! Whereas before Jade had never liked gyms. 


Personal Training helped Tanya double the weights she could lift and she lost 9% Body Fat! Tanya also feels mentally stronger and more confident now. 

✅ YOU do not have to be young or experienced in a gym to apply. Personal Training will work for ANY age or fitness level.
✅  Personal Training is the BEST way to start if you are new to the gym or have never learnt how to use equipment properly.
✅ You can also receive personalised goal setting, nutrition & training appointment to help you even further.
✅  You don't need to be fit to begin this! We'll start you where you're at, and slowly progress you from there.
✅  If you are a busy person, we can easily schedule your personal training sessions around your work times.
✅  Train with  ‘down-to-earth' people at a gym that will help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Grab your One Month of Free Personal Training Today!

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