How to lose 5kg in the next 10 weeks, even if you're tight on time & without cutting food groups!

It is possible to achieve weight loss, whilst still enjoying the food on your meal plan, even if you're working and/or parenting full time.

This blog article, written by Nicole Carlile who is the Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness Founder & Director, will map out how to achieve a 5kg weight loss in 10 weeks, even if you're busy, whilst still enjoying the food you're eating!

Our upcoming 10 Week Challenge "Freedom Unlocked" has just opened for registrations, and in this 10 week challenge we show you step by step how to achieve goals like this - 5kgs of fat loss whilst eating yummy, healthy food to continue improving your energy, strength and confidence.


Get your body moving!

  • Fat loss happens by ensuring 'energy in' is less than 'energy out'!

  • How do you increase energy expenditure to encourage fat loss? Move more!

  • With our clients, we like to set a number of "steps" per day as a target to hit and we like to set a weekly workout target.

  • For example, your daily step target may be 8,000 steps and your weekly workout target may be 4 workouts per week.

Have clear goals and up skill your mindset!

  • Often our beliefs about ourselves, exercise or eating healthy are stopping us from achieving our goals!

  • Furthermore, without a clear plan and goals, you won't get to your target either.

  • Mindset coaching is often crucial to achieve long term health and fitness lifestyle change.


If you're a "busy" person, I bet making time to exercise is hard! And likely, hitting a step target is even harder if your job requires you to be sitting at a desk most of the day.

So what can you do about this, to ensure you achieve your goals?

  • We recommend having a Personal Training (PT) session once or twice a week!

  • A PT session is an appointment - it's scheduled in with someone else and holds you accountable to attend. We find Personal Training works the best for busy people, or people who find it harder to self-motivate!

  • Plus, we can create meal plans and recipe ideas that are ideal for people who feel they are tight on time.


Cutting out food groups is boring and also risky for your health (as you may be missing some key nutrients).

We encourage our clients to eat a wide variety of food, and that includes rice, pasta and bread too!!

Our dietitian also supports our clients to personalise their eating plans to help them enjoy their eating whilst achieving results.


Don't do it alone, have some fun, whilst being encouraged and motivated by a group of like-minded people!

Our clients who achieve the most success are the clients who attend group training, complete a challenge or have a gym buddy or personal trainer with them.


The community motivation, accountability and fun keeps you consistent! It keeps you wanting to come back for more exercise. So rather than exercise feeling like a "chore", your exercise becomes a fun place for you to meet up with friends and be inspired by like minded, happy people.