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Lacking motivation? Here’s 3 simple motivational hacks.

These hacks are designed to get you springing into gear!

Yes… we totally just made a Spring joke! Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves.

Here’s our first hack!


Mind over matter. Your mind is so important and powerful, your mind forms your mental state. Try using visualisations to get your mental state pumped to take action. What the heck are visualisations? Well, for example, close your eyes and visualise yourself getting dressed, driving to the gym, starting your workout and visualise how good the workout is making you feel! Now, open your eyes. 9 times out of 10 we find by doing this activity we’ve now got our mental state focused on making that visualisation come true! Your welcome!


The decision to exercise starts wayyyyy before you're waking up to your dreaded alarm. Preparing to workout the night before or even planning when you will do it through the week is key! We recommend booking all of your group sessions a week in advance, scheduling it into your calendar AND telling whoever you need to that this time is booked out. We suggest pre-packing your gym bag and putting it in an obvious spot, maybe even to a spot where you can see it from your bed! Remove all the barriers that could form an excuse.


Just like that flakey friend (the one you’re thinking about right now ), you can’t rely on motivation! Motivation comes and goes - just like that flakey friend that is unpredictable and inconsistent. So, what can you count on? Habit! Yep, habit is your best friend, your BFF, your most trusted ally. Habits will give you the true success and results you desire, relying only on motivation won't! Focus on building long-term and sustainable habits.

If you've been struggling with your mental state, preparation and/or building habits, our upcoming 12 Week Lifestyle Transformation Challenge is the perfect opportunity to sharpen all of these skills.

P.s mention this blog post and get $5 off per week of the 12 week challenge ($60 saving!). 12 week challenge available In Gym or Online via our app!

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